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Cocoon's innovative campaign

>> Kaleidoscope of Colours inspires Arjowiggins
Graphic latest Cocoon campaign

Arjowiggins Graphic launches a new Cocoon global campaign with the tagline, “white, recycled and so much more” which showcases a spectrum of colour and range of print finishes on Cocoon.
The campaign features the iconic Cocoon butterfly, inspired by how a caterpillar in a cocoon transforms into a beautiful butterfly.  In the new campaign, the Cocoon butterfly appears in a geometrical, technical and coloured design, like that of a kaleidoscope. It reflects the colour and print potential of Cocoon, an established high performing, extra-white and 100% recycled paper.

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Angela DeVorchik, Operational Marketing Manager at Arjowiggins Graphic UK, comments: “Our campaign is a great way to showcase the outstanding print performance of Cocoon paper which is high performing, versatile and 100% recycled. We hope the Cocoon campaign will demonstrate to printers and businesses that they can produce high quality printed marketing materials without compromising environmental credentials.”

Mike Bennett, Marketing Manager, Antalis UK says, “We are pleased to be exclusive stockists of Cocoon, as a range of 100% FSC® recycled certified uncoated and coated papers that have the qualities and appearance of virgin fibre paper but with superior environmental credentials. The printed mailer is an excellent demonstration of the versatility and print finish of an excellent product.”