Technical Specifications


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Satimat Green

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Printed and handling guidelines

> Set-up
Store at room temperature (17-23°C), at a relative humidity of 50%, from 24 to 48 hours before use.
Unwrap the paper at the last moment before printing and rewrap it immediately after the print run.   
For re-cutting:
- keep the paper fibre direction (// of the large size) perpendicular to the printing direction.   
- For grammages > 135 gsm, plan a rejection cut.             

> Pre-press
Large printed surface: under colour-removal recommended.
Intense full colours:
- for black colour, blue support (40%) recommended or two black sequences.
- for other colours, 1 or several colour support(s).

> Printing
Printing techniques: Offset litho, letterpress, silkscreen, suitable for most digital press systems,
certified HP Indigo 3*. Printing inks: conventional, UV, IR.

> Finishing
Finishing techniques: foil blocking, embossing, lamination, all varnishing.

> Shaping
Suitable for perforating, drilling, die cutting.
Folding: parallel to the paper fibre direction (// of the large size).
Scoring: from 150 gsm, scoring with counterpart; from 200 gsm, larger scoring needed on the back of the fold.
Cutting: ensure that the blade of the guillotine is sharp enough to avoid dust deposits.

> Storage
Protect the paper against any risk of damp during the storage period.